LeSOS A Wearable device

This App is a smartphone based solution for fall and hit as car accident detections with online location suppose. It may save the user’s life. When it detects a fall or hit as car accident event, it will send an alert SMS text message with GPS location information to emergency contacts automatically. It can also make emergency calls if set by the user. Additional information: The App uses the accelerometer sensor on the user’s smartphone. Click the link to download the app: http://www.lesosapp.com/App/accident-release12.apk (Updated May 13 2017, GPS - Baidu Map in China, Jul 30, 2017, $39.99 one time payment)
The sensitivity features for fall and accident collision detection can be set in order to ensure that proper detection and alerts will be made. A timer can be set to send alerts if the user does not respond to the alarm before the timer stops then an emergency alert will be sent out. The user will be notified by a sound when the app is in alarm mode. 
The following features contains in this application.
  • Fall and a car accident detections. When an event happens, it can send SMS text and emails.  If user wants, it can make phone call automatically.
  • A list of Emergency contacts entered by user
  • SMS & Relief Templates predefined by user.
  • Allow user’s relatives to query his/her GPS location.  He/she can also query relatives' location if both use the same app.
  • User can set timers:
    •  The timer to stop the alert to be sent,
    • The timer to remind the the user to charge the battery
    • The period of timer to send tracking record (GPS location)
  • User can set fall sense and hit sense.
  • User can set battery level to remind to charge battery.
  • It can show fall or accident event with address location and contact information on Google or Baidu map 
  • It show current GPS on the screen.
  • It keeps the SMS (inbox and outbox) logs for a few days (14 days by default)
  • It keeps the tracking records  (inbox and outbox) logs for a few days (14 days by default)
  • It can keep sending tracking report to user’s contacts.
  • It contains Text to speech for sound reminder such as when an event detected, it tells the user the alert will be sent if the user doesn’t stop it by sound.
  • Sound notification to indicate the app in running in the backend.
  • It startups automatically when the smartphone reboot or power on. It can switch on detection mode automatically.
  • GPS location checking, if the current GPS location is incorrect, it will tell the user by sound.
  • It contains Google Map and Baidu Map (used in China)
  • It contains English and Chinese languages

Main Windows of Accident Alert

Emergency Contacts

SMS Template

Accident Location

Note: The user needs to set up permissions to allow the App to read and send SMS automatically as well as collect the user’s current GPS location. To access the window on the left side, the user needs to select Setting>Installed Apps>Accident>Permission Manager on user's smartphone. Select the checkbox on appropriate items to set permission. 
Please make sure the app keep running on your mobile. Please click here to read Privacy Policy for the app.
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