LeSOS A Wearable device

Click this icon to allow the app to enter detection mode. It will detect fall and hit as car accident events. When an event is detected, the app will send a SMS text to alert emergency contact. This app must be keep running in the detection mode. It can run in the background.

Click this icon to display a list of all emergency contacts entered by the user. The user can add, modify and delete contacts in the list.

Click this icon to display a list of all variables that are used for the application. The user can also adjust the following settings:
The sensitivity feature for fall and accident detections.
The timer to send alerts.

Click this icon to display the SMS Template window. It allows the user to enter the SMS text message that will be sent to the user’s emergency contact list. There are two templates: one which is the SMS text that will be sent as an alarm message when an emergency event happens and the second one will be sent when emergency event removed.

Click this icon to access the online registration form that will allow the user to register their application on the server. It is better to register while at home because will collect the user’s longitude and latitude to generate the current address during the registration process, so that the user will not have to enter it manually

Click this icon to begin the tracking service. It will send the user’s GPS location information to a contact designated by the user or the information will be saved on the server. The designated contact can query the tracking records on Google maps by moving the mouse over the marker to indicate the address.

Click this icon to allow the user to query the locations of their relatives. Selected family members will be sent query commands. When the command is received by the family member, their location will automatically be shown to the user if that relative has installed the app and set in their settings “Allow to be queried”.

Click this icon to display a list of the user’s relatives and gives the user the ability to set the permission to allow their relives query their location or not.

Click this icon to send the “Help” SOS text message to emergency contact list manually.

Click this icon to send the “Relief” SMS text message to emergency contact list manually.

Text to Speech
The app converts text to speech when it receives an emergency event.

Click on the top right side icon on the main window to show the left side pop-up menu.
Log View: Show Log data 
SMS View: List SMS data received or sent. (Inbox or Outbox).
Tracking Reports List tracking data received or sent. (Inbox or Outbox).  
Geo Map: To show current location on a map 
Subscriptions: A customer has one year online services. After it, the user need 
Subscribe the services.
Import SMS: If the user got SMS text while the App was not running, the user can use the function to import the SMS text received.

Note:  Car Accident detection Reference Documents