LeSOS A Wearable device

When the user clicks the Setting icon, the app will show the Setting as follow. The user can change variable values. 
Keep SMS Days: Set number of days to keep SMS data in the app.
Time to charge: Set timer to remind the user to charge user's mobile.
Time to alarm: Set period of time to wait before sending out alert to emergency contacts.
Battery Alert level (%): If the user mobile's battery capacity level is lower than the value, there is reminder sound to ask the user to charge battery.
Tracking Period(min): Set the period of time to track location.
Send SMS Tracking: Switch it on to send the tracking location by SMS, otherwise it will be sent to the server by using data line. 
Notification Sound: Switch Notification Sound on or off. If the switch is on, then there is sound from the app in 2 minus to indicate the app running on the mobile.
Make Alarm Call:  Switch it on to make an emergency call after an alert sent or not. If the switch is on, the Phone number shall be entered an emergency number.

Setting Window

Fall Sense Setting

Accident Sense Setting