LeSOS A Wearable device

This app is used to test if your mobile accelerometer can generate event or not while screen is off. If it works, user can download "Accident Aler" app by click the download button.
User can change sense values for the accelerometer sample range.
If the low value is bigger that the high value, then the sample value will be only compared with the low value. If the current sample value is bigger than the low setting value, then the alert sound from the app. Click the link to download the app:  http://www.lesosapp.com/App/accelerometerTest.apk
If the low value is smaller that the high value, the current sample value will be compared with the low value and the hight value. If the value is equal or bigger than the low value and smaller than the hight value, there is sound from the app.

When  there is sound from the app, indicates the accelerometer works on the user's mobile. 

There are four types sound defined in the app so that user can select one of them:
  • Ring: Sound as phone ringing.
  • Notification
  • Alarm
  • Test to Speech: If there is text to speech function, then there is text sound as "Accelerometer has been detected" 
  • Languages: English & Chinese

The "Accident Alert" app is a smartphone based solution for fall and hit as car accident detections with online location suppose. It may save the user’s life. When it detects a fall or hit as car accident event, it will send an alert SMS text message with GPS location information to emergency contacts automatically. It can also make emergency calls if set by the user. Additional information: The App uses the accelerometer sensor on the user’s smartphone. 
The sensitivity features for fall and accident collision detection can be set in order to ensure that proper detection and alerts will be made. A timer can be set to send alerts if the user does not respond to the alarm before the timer stops then an emergency alert will be sent out. The user will be notified by a sound when the app is in alarm mode.