LeSOS A Wearable device


Whether it’s to avoid embarrassing situations, or record important lessons or meetings, this app is here for you! You can set this app to make your phone ring whenever you want, helping you make excuses to get out of embarrassing situations, or set it to auto-record videos for important meetings or classes so that you don’t forget!

Features if the app
This app allows you to schedule actions in advance. Set your phone to take photos, videos and record audio automatically and discreetly. The app can run in the background of your phone and perform set tasks that the user has pre-set. Click here to download the app.
  • Main features required: 
  • Create Event & Action, 
  • Setting for app Running in backend multiple threads handling.
  • All of actions can process in background. For example user's mobile can start audio, video recording or take a phone automatically when the selected event happens. 
  • List of all event & Actions created by user. 
  • Default Language is English.
  • Event type: The app can be used to detect different kind of events happened on the mobile such timer, receiving sms, tapping, hitting etc. An action can be triggered by these kinds of event defined in the app. 
  • Action type. There are many kinds of actions can be defined on the user's mobile such as start audio, video recording, SMS sending etc. User can bind one kind of event with an action.  Below show the more information about Event and Action

    Event Type:
  • Date & Timer: (Month-Day Hour:Minutes)
  • Timer: Hour:Minutes
  • Hitting: When the acceleration value equals or bigger than 2xg (9.81m/s2) in z-axis direction, it is defined as a hitting event.
  • SMS receiving: SMS command definition
    Action Type:
  • Ringing
  • Notification
  • Vibration
  • Text to speech
  • Take photo
  • Send SMS
  • Audio recording
  • Video recording

Main Windows of EventAction

Create Event & Action Thread

SMS Receive & Send SMS setting

Timer & Send SMS Setting

Phone Ringing & Video Recording

Note: The user needs to set up permissions to allow the App to read and send SMS automatically as well as collect the user’s current GPS location. To access the window on the left side, the user needs to select Setting>Installed Apps>EventAction>Permission Manager on user's smartphone. Select the checkbox on appropriate items to set permission. 
Please make sure the app keep running on your mobile. Please click here to read Privacy Policy for the app.
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